GrM 200

GRM 200 Registration.

Welcome to Gravel Race Mäntyharju 2021 event. Enjoy the countryside and scenery of Mäntyharju on a bike. There is room for serious competitors and amateurs alike. You will collect checkpoints and route length can be adjusted to suit you.

Categories: Solo, Pair, Touring (50 km) and E-bikes.

Prices: Pair 80€, Solo 50€ and Touringi 30€

Instructions, maps and routebooks will be published 1.5.2021.

Entry fee is unrefundable but competitors name can be updated 2 hours before start or entry can be transferred to next year with a medical certificate.


Griffin Events Finland Oy



Ilmoittautumiset / maksupalvelut:
Seppo Parta +358 40 5145765


Sami Kauppinen +358 400 483589


Myynti, sponsori-ja mainossopimukset:
Sami Heinikainen +358 400 483589

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